AM 22 Round Bale Loaders - Huge loading capacity!

Roberto Alberti developed for a leading farm in the production of hay and straw in bale-rollers an automatic Bale-rollerholder trailer, which can transport up to 22 bale-rollers Ø 150x120 in one go.
The steering axle, the pneumatic or hydraulic braking, the tipping hayfork and the hydraulic system are well dimensioned and make the AM/22 trailer a robust and ultrafunctional machine, which successfully solved the Customer problem.

Also available in clamp dedicated prismatic bales. Capacity 24 bales 120x90.

Technical characterictics

Technical dataAM 22
Bale's capacity Ø 150x120n° 22
Loading time15 min.
Flatcar lenght9,32 m
Flatcar breadth2,50 m
Maximum height when empty3,10 m
Maximum height at full load4,00 m

Braking system AM 22

Braking systemMax. capacity
Pneumatic/Hydraulic 2 axles14.000 kg
Pneumatic/Hydraulic 2 axles20.000 kg