Round bale loaders AM Serie

Automatic bale-rollerholder with revolving hayfork. 

Models AM/6 (2 axles) and AM/5 (single axle) are equipped with the same fully hydraulic system as the SPECIAL series and, again automatically, they load the bales vertically with the aid of just the tractor driver. Quickly adjustable for the various bale sizes, they are a valid cost-effective alternative (Patented).

Round bale loaders AM/5 Serie

Caricarotoballe Serie AM/5

Round bale loaders AM/6 Serie

Caricarotoballe Serie AM/6

Round bale loaders AM/7 Serie

Caricarotoballe Serie AM/7

Technical characterictics:

Bale's capacity Ø 150x120n° 8n° 12n° 14
Bale's capacity Ø 180x150n° 6n° 10n° 12
Bale's capacity Ø 180x120n° 6n° 10n° 12
Loading time6 - 8 min.8 - 10 min.8 - 10 min.
Flatcar lenght5,60 m9,35 m10,85 m
Flatcar breadth2,00 m2,00 m2,00 m
Total lenght7,50 m10,60 m12,00 m
Maximum height when empty2,90 m2,90 m2,90 m
Maximum height at full load3,90 m3,90 m3,90 m
Weight when empty (approx.)2.000 kg3.200 kg4.200 kg
Maximum capacity6.000 kg10.000 kg11.000 kg
Axlesn° 1 - fixed / n° 2 - balancer n° 2 - balancern° 2 - steering
Tracks2,00 m2,00 m2,00 m
Wheelsn° 2 / n° 4
(11.5/80-15 - 12 P.R.)
n° 4
(400x15.5 - 14 P.R.)
n° 4
(400x15.5 - 16 P.R.)
Revs per minute300 - 350300 - 350300 - 350

Braking system AM/5 - AM/6 - AM/7:

Braking systemMax. capacity
Hydraulic IDRL6.000 kg
Pneumatic10.000 / 11.000 kg
Hydraulic IDRP10.000 / 11.000 kg

On request:

  • Hydraulic foot.
  • Oversized wheels 400x15.5 14 P.R.
  • Industrial wheels - radyal type.

Halved collection time!!!