Prismatic and bale loaders AM Special Serie

Bale-rollerholder with articulated floating hayfork.

AM SPECIAL automatic patent bale-rollerholder.
The AM SPECIAL bale-rollerholder is the most functional answer for collecting, transporting and unloading cylindrical or prismatic bales of both dry and green forage.
Thanks to the articulated floating loading hayfork and the entirely hydraulic system, the cylindrical bales are quickly collected entirely automatically as they leave the press, by a single tractor driver without ever having to get off the tractor.
The floating system of the loading gripper means the machine can be used on any ground, even the roughest.
AM SPECIAL is the fruit of forty years’ experience in this specific field that is hard to match (Patented).

Version for mountain areas/ 8 bales

Technical characterictics:

Bale's capacity Ø 150x120n° 8n° 12n° 14
Bale's capacity Ø 180x150n° 6n° 10-
Bale's capacity Ø 180x120n° 6n° 10n° 12
Prismatic bale's capacity 90 x120n° 8n° 12n° 14
Loading time6 - 8 min.8 - 10 min.10 - 11 min.
Flatcar lenght6,00 m9,00 m10,50 m
Flatcar breadth1,45 m1,45 m1,45 m
Total lenght7,50 m10,60 m12,00 m
Maximum height when empty3,00 m3,00 m3,00 m
Maximum height at full load3,80 m3,80 m3,80 m
Weight when empty (approx.)2.600 kg3.700 kg4.300 kg
Maximum capacity6.000 kg10.000 kg11.000 kg
Axlesn° 1 - fixed / n° 2 - balancern° 2 balancern° 2 - steering
Tracks2,30 m2,30 m2,30 m
Wheelsn° 2 / n° 4
(400x15.5 - 14 P.R.)
n° 4
(400x15.5 - 14 P.R.)
n° 4
(400x15.5 - 16 P.R.)
Revs per minute300 - 350300 - 350300 - 350

Braking system AM Special:

Braking systemMax. capacity
Hydraulic IDRL6.000 kg
Pneumatic10.000 / 11.000 kg
Hydraulic IDRP10.000 / 11.000 kg

On request:

Con pedana posteriore di scarico
AN7 SPECIAL with back unloading foot.

  • Hydraulic foot.
  • Oversized wheels 400x15.5 16 P.R.
  • Industrial wheels - radyal type.

Loading / Unloading phases