Rotary manure-spreader SP AM Serie

"AM" manure-spreaders are the result of years of activity and experience in the agricultural field.
We have always built simple and strong machines, right from the start, forecasting the development of modern agriculture both as regards livestock manure.
This type of manure-spreader has been designed according to a new technical concept, eliminating all trasmission wear and maintenance since there is only a unit in oil bath and hydraulic unload infeed plus cardan with special clutch.
These technical solutions offer reliable service and long life.
Our products are represented by valid agents and experts in order to obtain the best results and for pratical demonstrations with working machines.

SP AM 5 Serie

SP AM 13 Serie

SP AM 14 Serie

Technical characterictics

Technical characterictics:SP AM 5SP AM 13SP AM 14
Capacity25 - 30 q.140 - 150 q.150 q.
Spreading width5 m12 m12 m
Track1,90 m2,15 m2,43 m
Body width1,50 m1,40 m1,70 m
Body lenght3,50 m6 m6 m
Board height0,70 m1,50 m1,50 m
Weight-45 q.54 q.
Required power60/70 hp100/120 hp120/150 hp


  • "Inox" version;

  • Adjustable sluice to spread liquid manure;

  • Brakes with homologation;

  • Wheels with equalizers on all types;

  • Rear unloading system;

  • Vehicle Type-Approval.